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In Australia, commitment to curfew and leash for cats arrives: ‘They are killers, killing 252 million animals a year’

Curfews, containment inside the property of the owners or the obligation to keep a leash: these are the measures thatAustralia fired to try to stop A slaughterhouse of animals killed by domestic cats every year. This is correct. Cats and foxes, animals introduced to the country through colonization, are among the most serious threats to Australian wildlife due to They kill more than 7 million animals a day, totaling 2.6 billion annually, of which about 1.4 billion are mammals, 697 million are reptiles, and 510 million are birds. Alarming numbers are contained in a study conducted by Charles Darwin UniversityPublished in the magazine Diversity and distributionsActions launched by local governments underscore how important this issue is.

the federal capital of the country, Canberra, Already announced that as of July 1, all domestic cats have been announced They’ll have to stay inside or just go out tied upWith Fines of $1,600 for employers They do not have to respect the law. In Bendigo, on the other hand, the obligation to keep cats on their property has already begun: if they escape, the “cost” of collecting their four-legged friend from the authorities is $120. Adelaide Hills has a curfew on cats, which cannot go outside between 8pm and 7am, while in Western Australia, cats may as well. Banned from public land: The local parliament is already debating a law that will prevent cats from walking on streets, sidewalks and sidewalks unless they are. Kept on a leash by the owners.

Since the beginning of colonization in 1788, writes author Alison Stupow-Wilson of the university’s School of Engineering and Environment, about 100 species unique to Australia have been wiped from the planet, including 34 mammals. Foxes and cats are responsible for 25% of domestic mammal extinctions. Events such as wildfires and floods can also double the numbers of cats and foxes, providing them with more food sources. The effect of other introduced animals such as rabbits, horses, camels and deer is also serious. Domestic cats, in particular, are particularly to blame Left free at night, it alone kills about 252 million mammals each year. Stobo-Wilson writes that there have been a number of successful programs that have contained populations of foxes and cats allowing the native species to recover, but there is more to be done.

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“Pet cat owners They are not always as aware of their pet’s movements as they thinkSarah Legge, lecturer at the Australian National University and author of the evocative book, said: “Cats in Australia, Companions and Killers”. Several other studies, using GPS tracking systems, have shown that cats move much more than we thought during nocturnal “hunting.”

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