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In Australia, a substance “megaragno” was found capable of puncturing a fingernail from its bite

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The powerful spider was discovered in the Australian Reptile Park, which is located in the Australian state of New Wales. The bug was donated by an anonymous benefactor.

The zoo told about a specific spider that came to them last week. It’s a terrier spider (Atrax robustus), later renamed “megaragno” by park operators, writes the portal Live Science.

The Australian Reptile Park, a public zoo, has a group of spiders in the tunnels. The new spider has arrived thanks to an anonymous benefactor’s donation. And the portal explains that special employees “milk” spiders to extract their poison, which is then processed to create an antidote. This particular spider arrived at the park in a plastic tub, as part of a weekly batch of spider collection points near Sydney.

Even experienced operators were surprised by the size of the spider: the length of its leg opening is 8 cm, and the length of its curved fangs is 2 cm. Spider fangs are strong enough to pierce human nails. Tunnel spiders are usually 1 to 5 centimeters long.

“In my more than 30 years working in the park, I have never seen a tunnel spider of this size,” said Michael Tate, Education Officer at the Australian Reptile Park.

Garden workers immediately called the spider, which later turned out to be a female, “Megaragno.”

“We have a great desire to know where it came from and hope to find even bigger spiders like it,” Tate added.

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Peru, discovered the spider god 3,200 years ago – photo

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