In addition to the GeForce RTX 3090, will other affected models appear? –

The diatribe on the strange case of GPUs that appear to be broken due to the use of Beta on the new world, with other testimonies still pointing to the possible link between the game and technical mishaps and it seems that it is also expanding to other models of graphics cards, as well as GeForce RTX 3090.

According to Igor Wallossek of Igor’s Lab, there may be a design issue specifically related to products EVGA, but the question remains questionable, considering that it also appears that other paradigms have broken down with regard to the use of the new world.

After the first cases in which it appeared that an Amazon game was crashing graphics cards, the official response came with the developers denying the allegations, but some still believe in the possibility of linking the two issues.

famous youtuber JayzTwoCents He investigated the matter in particular, and failed to replicate the problem after updating New World with the latest patch but gathering other clues on previous breaks that seemed to matter the most. Wide range of GPUs, as shown in the tweet below.

The question remains highly questionable, given the game’s quirkiness that can lead to a brick of hardware, but in the meantime, many have emphasized the excellent management of the problem by EVGA, which has continued without much problem to replacing of broken products, although it should be understood at this point if there is indeed a manufacturing defect in that particular brand of GPU.

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