In addition to baking soda, this wonderful natural product will be enough to remove mold from the house

In this season, with constantly low temperatures and humidity, many are faced with the problem of mold in the house.

Generally This unexpected object will be enough to counteract moisture and mold in tanks. For many, the problem is with the rest of the house.

This is an annoying problem as we will notice the appearance of unpleasant spots on the walls which, in addition to being aesthetically unsightly, can be harmful to health.

For this reason, we must look for a solution as quickly as possible, and if we want to choose a natural method, we will be able to get excellent results.

In addition to baking soda, this wonderful natural product will be enough to remove mold from the house

It might be interesting to know This unexpected product will be enough to help remove mold from walls Which I have a lot at home.

It is the essential oil of the tea tree which is a valuable ally that is always available as it appears to be a natural anti-bacterial.

We can add grapefruit seed extract to this product, as it also appears to be very effective against mold.

like essential oil tea treeEven this extract is readily available both in herbalists and online, if we have a little time available.

Get a pint of water, two teaspoons of tea tree essential oil and two grapefruit seed extract, and then mix them together.

Let’s transfer them from a bowl to an empty mist and start spraying them on the walls and in the corners affected by this problem.

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After spraying it on the mold, we wait a few hours for our compound to work properly, then pass it over a dry cloth.

We go very gently, passing it perpendicular to the spots, in this way we will slowly and effectively remove them.

However, we at ProjectionsDiBorsa recommend that you rely on an expert in the sector to solve these issues, especially due to mold damage.

In addition to baking soda, this wonderful natural product that not everyone knows will be enough to remove mold from the house.

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Alternatively, we can use only grapefruit seed extract to prepare a highly beneficial natural anti-mold mixture.

Just dissolve about 20 drops of grapefruit seed extract in 2 cups of water and apply to the mold.

We allow a few minutes for it to work and gently take it off with a rag, rather than using a sponge that can damage surfaces.


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