“In 2026, the World Cup will have 80 Super Bowls”

FIFA President Gianni Infantino The start of the Qatar World Cup is awaited in Qatar, but it is already expected until 2026, when the event will be held between the United States of America, Mexico and Canada. In fact, 16 cities have been revealed that will host the first 48 World Cup teams in history, from New York to Toronto, passing through Mexico City.

I think this part of the world doesn’t realize what’s going to happen here in 2026. These three countries will be turned upside down and then turned upside down again. The world will shower Canada, Mexico and the United States with a great wave of joy and happiness, because this is football. Football is also the sport of immigrants, integration and unionInfantino said speaking to the press.

With 48 countries in attendance and playing this World Cup, it would be great and football at that point here in North America would be on a completely different level. In this part of the world they are world leaders in many areas: in the economy, sports, etc. But in the world’s number one sport, soccer, it’s not done yet and the goal should be to become a leader this week as well.hours “.

CONCACAF President – North American Confederation – Victor Montaliani He also spoke about the excitement of holding a multicultural world championship in diverse communities inspired by football. “We are both children of immigrants: I’m in North America and Gianni in Switzerland, and perhaps football is what connected us to our parents more than anything. This trophy means a lot to many people. We can associate many of our memories of our lives with this cup, so it is an important occasion for our region and the three countries.“.

Increasing participating teams from 32 to 48 for the World Cup also means more matches. “These cities will host a great World Cup. Today’s World Cup includes 64 matches. In the 2026 World Cup It will contain 80 Superbowls80 great matches, 80 finals and we need to make sure it is played in the best conditions“Infantino concluded.

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