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According to Dagospia in the US, there is a resounding shift in the Democratic Party. Due to the state of decomposition Joe BidenAmong American Democrats, the idea of ​​launching is on the rise Michelle Obama To the presidency in 2024. There are already those who agree with the choice of Podcaster Joe Rogan: “She’s brilliant, she’s smart, she’s the wife of our best president. If he decides to run, he’s going to win.” Among other things, the potential Obama-Harris card must compete with the former president Donald Trump Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

The former first lady is the first choice for the presidency after the failed statements of the current tenant of the White House. It’s going to be Michelle Kamala Harris’s running mate and she’s actually at odds with Biden For the small space in the current administration. On the other hand, Republicans are ready to present the duo formed by former President Donald Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Meanwhile, Biden settled his search for consensus tik tok With a ridiculous video clip, only 17 seconds long, posted by the official account of the most famous boy group in America, i Jonas Brothers It was launched at Olympus Music thanks to the Disney Channel TV series. Video in 24 hours has already got 50 million views, 10 million likes and 500 thousand shares. According to Republica, this is a “desperate attempt to get its message about vaccines across to a wider audience.” So Biden came to TikTok: the Chinese app ‘beloved by Generation Z’, which even surpassed Google with over a billion users as the most visited platform in 2021. Biden is trying to exploit his massive group of users, Unlike Trump, who saw him as a potential Chinese spying tool.

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