In 2022, Instagram wants to turn everyone into a video maker and Reel

Video, messaging, and creator will be the priorities for the app, which is transforming from a social network into a sharing and e-commerce platform.

In recent months, the photographic social network Instagram It has undergone a photographic makeover that has left very little on the platform. The arrival of reels and a growing interest in stories reduced the importance of still images, and in 2022 Things will go more and more in this direction. The number one guy on the app, Adam Mosseri, identified him in these hours. Predict the direction you will take The platform for participation in the next twelve months.

News is coming

Among the developments, it appeared first of all how the platform will focus more and more on it Video, especially enhancing the presence and reach of Reels – short-lived clips inspired by TikTok that were introduced into the application in 2020. Another aspect that the developers will focus on is Messaging, to allow users to communicate with each other without having to turn to other platforms such as Snapchat, which rivals WhatsApp among younger users in the United States. Instagram’s third priority for 2022 is i content creators, who will be provided with new monetization tools to monetize their social media activities.

Forgotten users

From the latest updates, it looks like the original users will be left out of Instagram’s priorities: file Ordinary people From time to time they like to post updates of their daily life and keep up with the activities of friends and loved ones. What Instagram No longer a photo app had already Explain for a while, but in recent months it is impossible not to notice a deeper change within it: the priority has become to sell interest or products, and everything that does not revolve around ads, content creators and companies is reduced to minimum conditions.

Instagram is letting go of the past

Mosseri did not go into detail about the change, but in one clip he said the team should “rethink what Instagram is, because the world is changing fast and we must change with it.” The problem is that the evolution of Instagram Do not focus on the benefit to the users; Content creators and those looking for constant entertainment can turn to TikTok or YouTube today, and messaging enthusiasts have a plethora of options available to them.

In short, Instagram is destined to change in order to profit the company and Regardless of will of subscribers, who in this case installed the app years ago to keep in touch with friends and now find themselves subscribed to a platform that bombards them with content for interest or money. And if the scenario changes, it will happen again: Instagram, with over 2 billion users already subscribed, is simply too important for the Facebook group to try and run experiments elsewhere.

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