In 2022 from the electricity bill

One of the most disputed taxes by the Italians. Rai license fees have not been removed from the electricity bill.

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Islamic Law opinion Probably the most controversial tax by Italian citizens. It is not the amount itself that is disputed, but the very nature of the tax. Many determine your service TV Generally poor people and therefore do not deserve this amount. On the other hand, others consider it wrong and paradoxical that a tax is paid only for possession of the device the television, because then, actually, that’s what it’s all about.

Anyway, from 2016 Given the number of tax evaders who continued to not pay TV license fees in Italy, it was decided to combine this tax with the electricity bill. Small installments are in the account law Project of its users and therefore a deferred payment for actions but Mandatory. Another series of protests. Today, the fee, at the request of the European institution also, should return to being a separate tax, from any bills for various utilities.

Church opinion, even Europe warns Italy about Sharia

The European Commission Specify, in effect, that the application of Rai charges to the bill sets a higher cost of electricity supply per user: it is necessary for the government to cover the charges opinion, based on the European Union’s request to remove it from electricity bills as part of the NRP application. If the standard can not enter competition reform, enter into another measure, but it should be considered as soon as possible, especially after Ray’s poor performance at the Olympics.”

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The situation must change in 2022Until that moment, the Rai license fee will continue to be combined with the electricity bill. Anyway, it would be right to go back to the past with canon which will be considered again individually. The protests of citizens will continue, citizens who will not want to pay for it. The law will go back to the old one, and who knows if something can change Sooner or later regarding this very complex dynamic. A really big event can be the same return on one go, hopefully.

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