In 2016, try to buy Warner Bros.!

Before Disney Absorbed Twentieth Century FoxThe company was heading towards an acquisition that would have been even more exciting: in 2016, in fact, Bob Iger I called then Time Warner CEO Jeff Bocks to purchase Warner Bros..

As reported by The New York Times, The Iger phone call came too late, as Time Warner was already in the process of merging with AT&T: Then Iger hung up and decided to change course by heading to Rupert Murdoch, and also … As they say, the rest is history.

Despite an antitrust lawsuit filed against Time Warner and AT&T by the US Department of Justice at the time of the proposed merger, the deal ended and the two companies became one. Now, nearly five years later, AT&T is running a portion of its WarnerMedia business, making it an independent company separate from the telecom giant. Once this happens, WarnerMedia will be integrated with Discovery:This agreement brings together two entertainment pioneers with complementary content and positions the new company as the leading global platform in live broadcasting to consumersJohn Stankey said in a statement announcing the merger.

If the agreement was successful, lAt Disney, he would buy Warner Brothers and its subsidiaries, From his movie studios to HBO and beyond. This means that both universes Marvel and DC Comics were owned by the House of Mouse: Difficult to believe, isn’t it?

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