Impossible Exit in 2023 Lane –

According to what one of the leakers considers reliable in relation to some of the previously disclosed information, Person 6 It could have been deferred internallywhich makes It is impossible to release it in 2023 For the new chapter in the Atlus series.

This is absolutely unofficial information, and its veracity is highly questionable, but it is considered due to some topical leaks previously from the same source.

Im A Hero Too message on ResetEra regarding Persona 6

In fact, they came from user “Im A Hero Too” from the ResetEra forum, who had accurately guessed a string of info about the Persona 3 Handheld remaster before it was actually announced.

That’s not much to fully credit the character in question, but enough to consider, as he may have connections to Atlus. The user in question reported that, “Not at all There is no chance Persona 6 could release this year”, explaining that “it was internally only delayed yesterday and there is a new release period which is still vague but I can’t share it”.

According to the leaker, this decision “may have been made to release the remake or other game in development first but I’m not sure about that,” adding that “if the teaser will be present at the upcoming Sony conference, I should be able to find out.” in advance and if confirmed.

When it comes to “internal” referrals, things are always very ambiguous, because it is very difficult to find confirmation of such information. In any case, we await any information from Atlus and Sega. We know that Atlus will announce several games that are not released in 2023, among which there may also be Persona 6.

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