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After announcing the arrival of major acquisitions between Microsoft Google and Amazon in 2021, journalist and insider Brad Sams reveals Redmond’s new approach to speed up the Xbox console’s firmware update between One and “simplify” it, the X One, Series X The e series.

According to the signals shared by Sams, it appears that Microsoft has embarked on a new phase of updates starting with the involvement of some users of the program Xbox Insiders. System concerned Players are not forced to reinstall the entire firmware But it only makes changes to the elements of the system software affected by the latest designs.

Confirmation of Microsoft’s sponsored intentions in developing the OS for Xbox consoles More fragmented, Thurrott Editor picks up data shared on Twitter by Brad Rossetti, A programmer from the Redmond House demonstrates how “Some users who participate in the Xbox Insiders Program with Tier Omega will receive new firmware. We are taking a new approach that will allow you to speed up the installation of builds without the need to completely overhaul the entire software ecosystem for the platform. It’s a really agile system!”.

Plus the undeniable benefit of killing moles Firmware download and install timesAnother advantage of this approach is the ability to launch builds and corrective updates faster, without necessarily testing and verifying all other aspects of the system software again. Recently, Microsoft also shared a A list with exclusive shows coming to Xbox in 2021She, however, does remember that she has many other surprises in store for her fans over the year that is just beginning.

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