Implications for the Vaccine Plan –

7 million doses of the Vaxzevria vaccine are planned by the end of June. They will be the last. The European Union Commission decided not to renew the contract with AstraZeneca Because delivery deadlines are rarely met, making all countries difficult to plan for vaccination. The fracture was in the air, but it should not affect the timing too much in achieving the herd immunity goals set by Italy 60% by the end of July and 80% in September. Availability of bottles will be plentiful in the coming months. Emma, ​​the European Medicines Agency, for German preparations is also expected in the next few days Corevac, To Rna messenger. However Pfizer – Bioetec There was an upward renegotiation of supplies thanks to also increased production capacity in European factories.

Vaccines in Italy: Things to know

Zonal problems

at Campania Because they just finished dosing, before the Wednesday lotion deliveries. at Lazio There is not even a free place until the end of May to get vaccinated with the German-American vaccine. In the region led by Vincenzo de Luca Lack of flasks The closure of two vaccination points (Mostra doltremare and the Capodichino barn) determines that they alone can achieve 13,000 shots per day. Today and tomorrow administrations will inevitably drop in a region approaching 60,000 a day. Governor attacks the commissioned temple led by the general Francesco Figliolo On the pretext that nothing is being done to refuel, he complained of 194 thousand fewer doses in his area in proportion to the population, because in the first phase of the campaign more bottles were allocated to the regions according to the age of birth according to the historical date. Benchmark and Campania are not among those.

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One tip, one vaccine

However, rebalancing does happen. Certainly Pfizer 2.1 million doses are delivered on schedule every Tuesday and stock is distributed on a quota basis, from mid-April, according to the principle of one head, one vaccine. It certainly didn’t help De Luca’s choice for To secure islands such as Procida before the National Plan. Tourism needs to restart, of course, but between today and tomorrow there is a risk that people over 60, 70 and 80 years old to cover will have to wait at least two days because the water in Campania has run out. at Lazio The question is closely related to the selection of the territory to be given the option of choosing which vaccine to be administered. Pfizer has more credibility as well due to the volatility of communications that punished AstraZeneca which is actually underutilized in Lazio and Campania. he is Matera didn’t even serve the over-the-counter vaccination incentive he tried last night. It was enough to arrive first – without a reservation – to inoculate the preparation, but only 250 doses (of 750 available) Their use has caused controversy.

J&J strategy

Sure enough, we’re also seeing A. Lack of use of Johnson & Johnson That still did not heat up the engines. Sure, fewer than 400,000 doses reached but just over half of them were administered. Hypothesis used in Mountain municipalities, Especially in Abruzzo and Calabria, with mobile defense teams in cooperation with Civil Protection. Logistically, it would be practical: a single dose preparation, preferably recommended for those over 60s, and it would be best used primarily to intercept suspicious and inaccessible groups in the most at risk. On the other hand they are still there 2 million over 70 to be vaccinated. By mid-May, the quota should be reduced to a minimum, restricting only to prohibitions. But what worries most. It is expected again in May 12 million vaccines to keep you running speed of 500,000 shots a day. yesterday 8,892 new COVID-19 cases (For a total of 4,111,210) and 139 victims (122,833). The lowest number since October 25. The total number of ICU patients has decreased to 2,192 (19 fewer).

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