Impact of the pandemic, online sales of stolen data are on the increase

The pandemic A bleaching goose has been the gold of cybercriminals, providing countless new opportunities to attack. One of the clear indications of this phenomenon is the increase in targeted attacks Personal data theft (Username, password, personal email addresses, company addresses, phone numbers, and payment card numbers), which grew by 56.7% in the second half of 2020 compared to the first half of the year, according to data from the Cyber ​​Observatory for Crave.

The timing of this trend illustrates how criminals took advantage of not only the first moments of confusion, and thus improvised smart action, after the March-June 2020 lockdown. Instead, they continued to launch attacks as well in the following months, taking advantage of the fact that time spent online for work or fun Content has grown around the world.

In the aggregate of data on the dark web by the Crif Observatory, the 51.5% of cases It was on the verge of Recreational sitesEspecially video game and streaming content. However, the downside jump is about social networkThe ratio increased from 1.6% in the first half to 31.8% in the second half.

The bad news is that in the theft of credentials (emails and passwords associated with the profile) Italy is ranked sixth in the global ranking of the most affected countries in 2020, after the United States, Russia, France and Germany. Regarding stealing Credit card detailsOn the other hand, we are 11th on the list of countries with the most casualties. The ones on the Dark Web are mainly email account data Personal, However, nevertheless, there is a certain acceleration of violations Business accountThat in six months grew by 27.8%.

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