“Immigrants hit by SUV, 8 dead.” Shock video from Texas

Immigrants from Texas run over

Colombia: Clan del Golfo threatens judges in Colombia

Judge Alejandro Ramelli and his assistant, Hugo Escobar, were threatened yesterday after the violent dispute between Petro and the Public Prosecutor of the Republic, Francisco Barbosa, who announced that for security reasons he would send his family abroad.

Texas: 8 immigrants killed

At least eight people died and six were injured after an SUV plowed into a group of people yesterday at a bus stop in Brownsville, Texas, in front of a homeless shelter, which is also used as an immigrant center. A man was arrested for what happened, and as Lieutenant Martin Sandoval explained to the local press, it is believed that it may have been intentional. Most of the victims are Venezuelans fleeing the Maduro regime.

Brazil has identified three Venezuelans among the 14 dead people found on Yanomami Land

Among the 14 dead found in recent days on Yanomami land, in the midst of conflicts between illegal miners and indigenous people, were also three Venezuelans: Joel Perdomo, 68, Jenny Rangel, 28, and Johanndri Perdomo, 24. . Most of the roughly 300,000 Venezuelans who have fled in recent years have fled to Brazil to escape Maduro’s charms. Jenny Rangel arrived in Brazil, like other Venezuelans, just over two years ago. The three had entered Yanomami land over a year ago to work at “garimbo”, an artisanal mine, which is illegal in Aboriginal territory. Tensions have escalated in the Amazon region since last January, when Lula’s government sent the army to remove miners working clandestinely in the region. It is not known at this time how and by whom the three Venezuelan women were killed.

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Paolo Manzo, May 8, 2023

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