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Whatsapp is the most used messaging app but sometimes it can bring many problems and if it destroys your phone then here is what you can do.

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The most popular messaging app that most of us use is Whatsapp, born in 2009 thanks to the brains of Jan Koum and Brian Acton, former employees of Yahoo!. An app that wasn’t designed to succeed at first, and which caused such a stir, that it was bought by Facebook in 2014.

But what is innovative about this app compared to other messaging apps? He was the first to focus on one goal: to allow people to communicate quickly and without any interference. An idea that has changed the way messages are sent but is still not subject to problems. What if The WhatsApp You are It’s ruin The phoneHere’s how to run for cover.

What to do if Whatsapp destroys your phone?

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If you have an iPhone, you will already know what iCloud is, Apple’s service that can safely store all the data on your phone, including messages. But what to do if Whatsapp is taking up too much space inside iCloud storage? On the other hand, the free space offered by this service is only 5 GB, unlike Google Drive which instead offers 15.

However, iCloud allows you to delete the data of each individual app from the backup and that’s exactly what you need to do in this case. So delete a file to support From WhatsApp to make room in iCloud: You can do it quickly and easily by paying attention to these steps.

First, go to Settings From Whatsapp by clicking on your profile name, then selecting iCloud, and clicking on Manage Account Storage. This way you can see how much space is occupied by WhatsApp on your iPhone. Now go to WhatsApp Messenger, click on Delete and you have deleted your Whatsapp backup. However, you can also proceed in another way that is less repetitive and more immediate.

Disable syncing of WhatsApp data directly with iCloud backup by first going to the app settings and then to iCloud. Nothing has changed yet. At this point, click on Show All and disable the app from the list. By doing this backup iCloud WhatsApp data will no longer be backed up automatically. But what if you change your mind after that and don’t know how to activate a new iCloud backup on iPhone? no fear.

Go to iPhone Settings and tap on the iCloud menu. Follow the same steps I told you about before and then select “iCloud backup”. However, do not think that all this is possible only for Apple customers, because even those who use Android can do it. You just have to go to settings and then click on “Space and data” and “Manage space”. At this point, a screen will open where you will find all your WhatsApp memory: how many gigabytes did you use, how many are left, etc. Now it’s your turn to decide what you want to delete!

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