Iman Fellaini: Why are you watching Ms. Marvel’s rising star

Before the part is cast in 2020 (which I applied for self test), Vellani was just that girl who consumes comics and attends superhero conventions: ‘I was very active on Reddit, I still am,’ she admitted in ‘an interview Referring to the site Halfway between forums and social networks Where the most passionate sentimental theories abound: “Now that I know the true Marvel secrets, I’m going to start trolling people.” For a teen like her, growing up in the tough years of the Trump presidency,Situation immigrantsSee yourself again on the pages of a skit that represents one accurately for the first time brown girl As they say in the United States, its Muslim-American culture was a revelation: “I asked for a job from anyone I met wearing a hat or a T-shirt with the Marvel logo on it,” he recalls during a long time. casting process: “I was so happy that I asked everyone to let me work, even for free. I just wanted to be a part of something so amazing.”

Mrs. Marvell It is actually an example of Comprehensive storytelling Very important, as not only the language, customs, food and faith of the Pakistani community in the United States is shown, but also the dramatic story of the so-called to divide, the partition wanted by the British Empire in 1947 that separated the regions of Punjab and Bengal with the consequent mass exodus of millions of Muslims. Despite her young age, Villani participates in the story of these events in a moving way, with the help of old actresses like Zenobia Shroff and Samina Ahmed. But perhaps in the scenes where she has to test her strength, with sometimes disastrous results, young Iman shows the full range of her expressive abilities.

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Just like Kamala’s character, Eman Filani tries it Don’t take yourself too seriously And even if it’s practically overshadowed by world fame, the try is to keep your feet on the ground and enjoy what’s to come. This can also be seen in his approach to style: in life as well as in series, he was able to reconnect with his origins, for example through a reinterpretation or Underestimate the most classic I will see. But also on the red carpet, she looks for elegant but at the same time not very formal solutions: her look is memorable in an English preview where she wore a dark red shirt and a red long skirt from rouches With the train but also white talk And electric blue nails. As Kamala Khan taught her by the alias Mrs. Marvel, Iman Fellaini can also be everything and the opposite of everything, and maybe even make her laugh well.

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