“I’m inspired by Spissu. Triple? Here’s the truth”

We also join: go Filippo. But why choose Stockholm?

“Firstly because it is a good meeting, and secondly because it happens at the best time, after the eighteen days he spent in Tenerife.”

to evaluate what?

“Not important. I’m simply looking for a race (quiet, based on the start list despite the double shift; Ed) to have fun. It’s been too many months without competitions.”

So no thoughts on the European Indoor Championships in Istanbul in March?

“Nobody. After Stockholm, another race with a maximum of two. The 60 is the time it takes to prepare the 200.”

No offense, it’s not even his favorite race…

«Who offended? In fact, what I like the least is the sprint. But I had to satisfy the urge to compete. I was better 100 or 200, but you can’t.”

After two years out due to Covid, he is back in training in Tenerife. What do you miss most about the good old routine?

“I rediscovered all the positive aspects of meeting with my teammates. Yes, you’re training in the heat, meeting your opponents and everything, but coming back side-by-side has been the awakening of my athleticism. Then the mind returned to the races.

Monaco’s Triple Silver Roommate, Andrea Dalaval.

“I was with jumping friends. He and his teammate Tobia Bocchi, the long jumper Filippo Randazzo and then the hurdler Lorenzo Simonelli. Dallavalle is unforgivable: he withdrew from the jumping competition I organized. “Lack of time,” he said. “In my opinion, brave ».

What do you have to do to run under 20″ by 200m and come back under 10″ by 100m?

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“Simple: run under 20″ by 200m and under 10” by 100m. In the sense that there is no magic formula, no special recipe. I work hard, and this is a sine qua non. You can train as much as you want until you find yourself on the right track, where You have to run without any other options.

For migration, what needs to be changed?

“Last season, everything that could have gone wrong has gone wrong. When you’re racing, everything doesn’t go smoothly: I’m not saying it wasn’t the four of us that were to blame, because we took to the track, but 4×100 is a weird race, you have to take in “Too much consideration. Small details to be unconscious in a way. And we want to talk about changes? Every x is equivalent to tossing a coin: it can be good or bad.”

But does the Olympic relay feel? “Once in a while, not too often outside of competitions. But in chat we talk about the funny stuff, not the technical stuff. In March, during the marches, we will sit at a table and decide what we will do to get the results ».

With Marcel Jacobs?

“Normal, with the same frequency that I hear in others too.”

He has recently criticized football players’ running style. Speaking of capital gains – the Juventus case, don’t you find other reasons to criticize this world?

«I am not an expert and I cannot say who and how made a mistake. However, someone has pointed out the error. I’m so passionate and I love sports that I can’t get distracted by what’s going on off the field. I was sorry about the penalty, but it’s as if I’m living in a bubble and following the team with the same enthusiasm as before.

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And the arrangement?

“I don’t look at him. I know he’s not fighting to be up front, but in the ’90s I come out of it all and I’m enjoying it.”

In addition to capital gains, it is a strange period: figure skater Fontana threatens to compete for the United States, pandemonium has broken into rhythm … What is the health of Italian sport?

“I am still convinced that it is a good thing. After all, I always look at the results. If you are not accompanied by the right dose of serenity, these will not come. As for competing for another national team, this is something I cannot even imagine, but I do not know very well the story that leads to such a decision, and I do not feel that I have the right to criticize the athlete.”

He said he loved sports. Anyone find inspiration?

“Here, now he’s got me into a crisis. But the first name that comes to mind is that of blue basketball player Marco Spiso. I’ve known him for a long time, he’s a golden boy. What I like most about him is the ability, in crucial moments, to be ready. That’s it.” The place where it becomes cool. I find myself in this a lot, there are moments when I find myself too.”

In athletics instead?

“More difficult! If I mention one, the others send me to hell. I’ll go back to the triathlon because it’s a discipline that I really love. Incidentally, the athletes I relate to the most are the triple jumpers. So Dalaval, Bucci, Simone Forte and Emmanuel Imeji ».

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Three-quarters of the national team.

“And this year my good friend Forte will also try to say his word with determination.”

Did you know that Tortu 2023 is a bit of a surprise?

“For three times? It always fascinated me but now wait about 200 for me.”

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