ilMaseo is the most followed game, Fortnite is the most popular game –

Superdry shared data about Streamer and the most followed games In the world. From these statistics we learn that The King of Twitch in Italy is Eduardo “Il Maso” Magro, While It is an electronic game It stands at the top of the ranking of the most followed categories.

ilMasseo can boast really impressive numbers in regards to being live on Twitch. From October 12, 2017 to today, the original launcher of Dolo has reached the height 1.52 million followers, with over 5,412 hours of live coverage and a total of 20.3 million views.

Fortnite, on the other hand, doesn’t really need any introduction, given that we’ve been talking about a worldwide success phenomenon for several years now, so it’s no surprise that Epic Games’ battle royale is at the top of the content rankings. Most watched on Twitch by Italians.

Most viewed games on Twitch in every country in the world according to data from Superdry

Fortnite is still the most followed game on Twitch even in this topic all over the world and is at number one in 106 different countries. It is followed by Minecraft Evergreen (51 countries) and GTA 5 (two countries) in the second and third places, respectively. Genshin Impact and Valorant closed the top five, two games that have been very successful in recent years.

As for the streamer Among the most followed Twitch in the world, we find in the first place Ninja, the creator of the most followed content in 46 countries thanks to 17 million followers. In second place are TommyInnit (36 countries) and AuronPlay (14 countries).

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