Illness and then recovery: what happened to Renato Pozzetto

They were days of fear for the health conditions of Renato Pozzetto. The actor, who turned 82 on July 14, fell ill on the eve of August 15 and spent a few days in the general medicine ward of the Circulo di Varese hospital. Nothing dangerous for Pozzetto, but his hospitalization hospital It took longer than necessary to get some medical tests done and fans immediately panicked.

He thought about resizing the position himself. In fact, in the past few hours, Renato Pozzetto decided to post a message in the account’s stories Instagram For the family-run restaurant on Laveno Mombello on the shores of Lake Maggiore. “Thanks for the thought. All is well. TaaacThe actor, who is an icon of Italian comedy and is known for gags, wrote with his friend and colleague Cochi Ponzoni.

Translator “country boy” And the “poor rich manHe confirmed that he had regained his health and sense of humor, and concluded his thanks to the fans with the “tak” that made him famous. It is a method like any other method to eliminate the pessimism that was circulating on the Internet for days after the illness. Which made him famous. Hit when he was in Lavigne recoveryIn fact, on social networks, the anxiety of fans exploded, and someone even thought about the worst. To reassure his fans, Renato Pozzetto, however, did not explain what health problem affected him, but the resignation from the Varese Hospital confirms that his condition will not be alarming.

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Just a few weeks ago, Renato Pozzetto was in mourning with the disappearance of his older brother Ettore, who turned 91 last April. As it relates to todayTwo years ago, Renato Pozzetto accused a health problem Similar, which compelled him to stay for a short time in San Rafael Hospital, fortunately – even in this case – without consequences.

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