Il Volo between Bel canto and the show: “The Magnificent Three” at the ancient theater in Taormina

Three young people passionate about opera, today the young lyrical pop artists of the world, return to Sicily for two unmissable concerts. Tonight and tomorrow at the old theater in Taormina Two evenings from Bel Canto To resume the world tour after the epidemic was interrupted “Il Volo Live in Concert”a series of concerts to celebrate ten years of Il Volo’s career.

After selling the first two dates in Verona Arena, Marsala Ignazio Pochetto and Narese Piero Baron with Gianluca Ginobel They will perform in the magical atmosphere that welcomed them at the dawn of their career, proposing the successes contained in the festive group “10 Years” and new songs taken from the latest album “Il Volo sings Morricone”, in honor of the great. The composer, released a few months after last year’s tribute concert at Verona Arena. After Taormina, the tour will, in addition to Italy, touch the main European cities, North America, Japan and Australia, to return to Sicily on July 28 in another historic square: the Teatro Valley of the Temples in Agrigento.

In Taormina the festivities of the ten-year career will resume. your budget?
Genobel: “These have been years of growth: we have gone from being teenagers to young adults, living somewhat offbeat lives that have led us to be who we are today. Musically too, we have evolved, enriching our repertoire with great Italian and international songs, right up to the latest projects From the tribute to the three tenors with Placido Domingo to the tribute to Ennio Morricone, passing through the victory in Sanremo and trying to expand this reference with unpublished works. We try to raise Belcanto higher and higher ».

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She has succeeded in suggesting lyrical pop abroad, which revisits classic Italian pop music in a contemporary style. Why is this genre still popular today?
Genobel: “It is a kind of music that immediately draws attention emotionally, both to older generations who identify themselves in this music, and to young people who have never listened to it. I think you can emotionally capture the audience with the sounds and the kind of music. Indeed, foreigners manage to arouse enthusiasm even though they do not understand the words.”

Could this also be the secret of your feelings with the United States, where you are so loved?
Genobel: “The United States has certainly suffered from a strong influence of Italian music since the early 20th century, when the greatest singers were Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Tony Bennett and Perry Como, all Italian Americans and with a melodic voice that showed their origins. If we believe that Elvis Presley sang “O sol” mio” and “Torna a Surriento” in English, we can understand why Italian music spread like wildfire all over the world from America. For this reason, local musical references, in addition to opera, were sung in several languages. Moreover, the success of our music It is related not only to America, but also to Japan and China, because if you go to any Italian opera house you will find many Chinese and Japanese. It is as if it is another tournament that goes beyond broadcasting and rating, and is more related to the show, which is what we are trying to give us: a great entertainment and music show » .

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And this show will be a great concert among your masterpieces with a tribute to Maestro Morricone. What will the Taormina audience hear?
Genobel: “In one of our concerts we have to sing what represents us, from the tributes of the three tenors, with melodies of the opera, to the melodies of the Moricon, to our first and unpublished songs. We will sing individually or in duets, creating a show that goes beyond music, because we try not to give too much classicism and seriousness to our musical genre and make it more interesting. It won’t be a static party, we will be doing a mix of various platinum-received discs with “Grande amore”, “L’amore move”, “music that stays” and then all the other songs ».

You met Morricone in 2010, while recording your debut album. A reminder of this music giant.
Barron: “We met him during disc recordings at the Forum studios of which he was the founder, and he had the good fortune that he was the first listener of the album, where we recorded a mix of his compositions with the song E più ti Creed” (from “C” Once Upon a Time in America”) and ” Malena. On that occasion, he decided to take us on stage in Piazza del Popolo for one of his concerts. It was a wonderful moment, but it was not yet ripe for me to dedicate an entire project to him. In the past couple of years, we’ve made it concrete, so we’re suggesting some of his tunes again. As a tribute to an artist extraordinary in art and life, humble and dignified like all the greats ».

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