Ikea, spare parts for furniture for sale on the Internet: «Repair, do not throw away» –

The green turn of the Swedish furniture giant. IKEA will start selling parts for cabinets, sofas, beds and wardrobes, To try to be more sustainable and reduce environmental impact. Although the company’s home furniture products are among the best-selling and cheapest, they are not repairable: if a piece or component breaks down or is damaged, the only solution is to buy back the furniture. “The company is testing many products,” he said. Financial times Lena Pripp-Kovac, Head of Sustainability at Ikea. The goal is to extend the life of the furniture and dispel the idea that the company is producing disposable goods.

Plans are at an early stage, and there is still no launch date for this new project, but the turning point must occur in the path of 2021. The idea is to introduce an online parts sales system that will make it possible to purchase individual products: From sofa feet, for example, to bed bolts or slats.

It is not IKEA’s first green initiative to support a circular economy. The Swedish giant has been encouraging customers who want to “sell” their used furniture for years. On the company’s website there is a special section for those who want to sell. The pre-assessment is done thanks to an online tool and it is possible to book your entry to the store for furniture delivery on the desired day and time.

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