Ignazio Moser’s Health: Is He Sick? He says how is he doing: physical and psychological problems

The former cyclist took a few days off from social media, but today he’s back to speak with a message on Instagram Stories.

Ignazio Moser Today he returned to talk through a story about Instagram, not a video, just a written message to his many followers who, since yesterday, have been worried about him health conditions. Only yesterday, in fact,former cyclist The former competitor of Big Brother VIP AndFamous IslandHe said that he has health problems: “Unfortunately they were bothering me at the moment several daysI’m trying to figure out what it is and how Treated me… I hope there is nothing to worry about, but I will take everything off for a few days. I will keep you informed.”

Already today small update Cecilia Rodriguez’s friend wrote: “A few days of rest benefited me greatly even if the reasons for my discomfort are still unclear, This may be due to a combination of physical and psychological factors“.

The importance of mental health –

Moser also wanted to underline the clip, the one above Psychological health, specifically to raise awareness among his fans about an often underestimated problem. In fact, Ignazio wrote today: “I hear more and more about mental health, but I’m seeing more and more people who don’t care (myself included), so my advice is… Listen to yourself, listen to your body and mind, at least every now and then you put yourself first and not always others and what you have to do for others.”

Recently they are more and more Athletes and former athletes Who are finally out of their mental health, admitting it anxiety or depression. From Michael Phelps to Gigi Buffon, and from Tiger Woods to Naomi Osaka. There was also a lot of talk about her during the Olympics, especially for the condition of Simone Biles, for whom the problem was not only psychological, but had obvious physical consequences that put her at risk during her performance.

How is Ignazio Moser today?

On the Ignazio Moser’s health today There is still a lot of uncertainty. With his message today, he wanted to reassure a little of his followers who were afraid yesterday, and did not expect a son 29 years old, looks fitAfter seeing the pictures, Perfect physique Which is often posted on social media, health problems can emerge. According to what he wrote today, it is not easy to understand exactly what he has, but he will surely keep everyone informed in the coming days.

at the same time Cecilia Rodriguez’s girlfriend She’s at Paris Fashion Week and at the moment hasn’t expressed herself about this in regards to her Ignazio, but it’s likely once she gets home Additional Help for Young MoorsTo face what awaits and find a way Complete physical and mental recovery.

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