If you’re allergic to painkillers, use these naturals that have been used for generations: The list

Even if the concept of medicine in the modern sense uses different subjects and very diverse fields of science, it is actually very ancient and has its roots in various traditional forms of medical uses. Modern painkillers seem to be very popular and useful forms of medicine and even if they are very effective they still have side effects and above all they cannot be used with equal success by everyone. Various forms of natural analgesics, probably known to our grandparents and great-grandfathers, can be of tangible help.

If you’re allergic to painkillers, use these naturals that have been used for generations: The list

For example, the black birch, a very ancient form of the plant widespread in the temperate and boreal regions ofNorthern Hemisphere Of the world is particularly effective in the form of injections but also of the essential oil for various forms of joint pain such as neck stiffness, as well as bone disorders.

In addition to being an excellent nutritional sweetener, honey is also excellent for improving healing and reducing the painful effects of painful oral ailments such as canker sores, but it is also able to improve the natural healing capabilities of the skin, thanks to its antibacterial properties.

The same for garlic, which cannot be forgotten in any kitchen as a spice but also as a medicinal tool against inflammation and infection, it is one of the most famous forms of natural antibiotics, and for this reason it was also widely used in ancient times.

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Even spices such as turmeric are known and appreciated for their inflammatory properties, as well as more specific product forms such as cherry or ginger which, through infusions or applications through packages, are highly effective against muscular aches, rheumatic pains and burns.

Cloves, in small quantities, are especially useful in case of problems in the oral cavity, such as toothache or gum infections.

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