If your cat shows these symptoms, he may have a terrible summer sickness

In the summer, there are diseases that develop more easily in our cat. In fact, it is always important to monitor and pay attention to any changes in behavior to recognize potential warning signs in theLusty.

One type of infection that can affect cats is tularemia, an infectious disease that can attack the skin, eyes, lymph nodes, and lungs and can be transmitted to humans. Higher Institute of Health Provides detailed definition and statistics on tularemia. Here, based on suggestions from the veterinary world, we try to understand the symptoms that cats have with this disease and possible treatments and prevention.


Meanwhile, this disease is also known as “rabbit fever” since the bacterial origin is precisely in rabbits, so cats can contract it through scratches and bites as well as infected ticks.

Symptoms par excellence are lethargy (deep sleep), loss of appetite and fever. The most vulnerable cats are those that spend a lot of time outdoors and therefore have a greater chance of crossing other animals and being attacked.

Severe symptoms include dehydration, swollen lymph nodes, sores around or inside the mouth, and jaundice. In addition, skin ulcers may also appear.

If your cat shows these symptoms, he may have a terrible summer sickness

If we notice vomiting, drowsiness and persistent fever, it is a good idea to immediately consult a veterinarian and also confront us because by scratching the cat it can transmit this pathology to its owner.

In this case, in fact, it is always advisable to immediately disinfect the scratch marks of cats, even the mildest ones, and to collect excrement with gloves. Among other things, this is a good habit that we should always keep.

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Your vet will go through a special test to check for the presence of the disease and, if confirmed, usually suggest an antibiotic-based treatment. If the symptoms escape and the disease goes unnoticed, the cat also risks dying.


Therefore, if our cat has these symptoms, he may have this terrible summer disease, tularemia. However, there are some precautions we can practice to try to prevent it, especially if our cat friend lives outdoors.

So we will often use a repellent product near areas where there are rabbits or other rodents. We also need to keep cats away from dead animals and use a flea and tick repellent made for pets.

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