If you want to lose three or four pounds before summer, combined with diet and exercise, this natural help will be perfect!

The matcha tea It originates from China and is made from ground green tea leaves. Thanks to its high-quality ingredients, it currently creates a lot in Italy as well.

But how exactly does matcha affect the body and, more importantly, is it true that it can help you lose weight?

It’s June and summer vacation is almost upon us. If you want to lose three or four kilograms before the summer, then natural help will be perfect!

Matcha tea is a great drink, as it seems to have amazing effects on the metabolism and also on weight loss!

But, before we continue to examine the properties of this tea, we would like to remind you that there is nothing miraculous about losing weight. There are some aids, and they are certainly important, which, however, must be associated with a fundamental change in the diet of the individual, as well as the introduction of Other Foods That Help Metabolism And continuous exercise.

Summer is approaching and with it the swimwear test, try this special weight loss tea

While matcha tea isn’t a miracle weight loss cure, as we mentioned earlier, it can still help those who want to lose a few pounds to support and fortify their diet.

This is due to the components contained in this special oriental tea, which allow to speed up the metabolism and convert fat into energy.

But how does this tea do this? By increasing thermogenesis thus helping the body burn more energy. Thermogenesis is the body’s production of heat, especially in adipose and muscle tissue.

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If you want to lose three or four pounds before summer, combined with diet and exercise, this natural help will be perfect!

As we predicted earlier, the miracle cure for effortless weight loss does not exist and never will. The only thing that helps in losing weight is a radical change in one’s lifestyle and eating habits, which over time leads to the normalization of the metabolism.

However, matcha tea is an excellent natural aid to give an extra boost to your metabolism, thanks to its precious ingredients: caffeine and antioxidants. Some studies suggest that the combination of these two ingredients has an effect on fat and calorie metabolism, in what way? Caffeine allows the intestines to absorb less fat and also to balance out the sugars, As shown by food research; On the other hand, catechins stimulate thermogenesis; In this way the basic metabolism increases.

Thermogenesis: This is the secret to losing weight!

Specifically, thermogenesis, or the generation of body heat during rest or as part of normal digestion after a meal, plays an important role in weight loss, because the body has to expend more energy to metabolize the food eaten.

It has been proven that the drink and its components have these effects on the body. However, the studies that have been conducted are independent and not representative; So, as always, you have to go with the lead feet.

But there’s still one final reason why matcha is suitable for weight loss: If you have a healthy gut flora, you’ll also reduce the craving for sweets and carbs, the foods that make you more fat. Intestinal flora and for this reason the desire to eat sweets decreases. Effective studies on this, however, have not yet been presented.

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How to speed up metabolism and lose weight?

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