If you store it in this way, it can lead to health problems

Nutrition, beware of leftover rice if you store it poorly: it can cause health problems, for this reason.

How to process rice: Pay attention to consumption (Photo: Pixabay).

the Rice is a food that is often served on our tables which turned out to be one of the most consumed grains by humans in the world; As we know, it is also the basis of oriental cuisine.

However, we must pay attention to rice residue because, if poorly stored, it can lead to various health problems with more or less mild symptoms depending on the case; Here’s when it gets dangerous and how to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Nutrition, pay attention to rice residues: how to properly store

It may happen that you left out some dishes, perhaps the day before, but beware of eating heated rice because without the necessary precautions, it can be harmful to our health; To spread the news is National Health Service British, a source definitely worth listening to.

The problem can be one time cook the rice itself, that in fact it should not be kept to rest for more than an hour outside the refrigerator; Some bacteria typical of grains can survive even after rice has been cooked.

That is, leave it at room temperature Increases the chances of microorganisms multiplyingAnd spoiling food and causing bouts of vomiting or diarrhea for those who consume it. Symptoms can be fairly mild and last from a few hours to a day.

rice nutrition
Never consume rice more than a day after cooking (Photo: Pixabay).

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To avoid unpleasant surprises, it is advisable to try to eat portions so as not to overcook the rice; Alternatively, if you continue to advance anyway, You can store rice in the refrigerator immediately after it cools down And don’t wait more than an hour.

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Preserved rice also goes anyway Consume the day after cooking, heat it well and not more than once; Always better, in principle, calculate the doses well before cooking the rice, to avoid waste and further problems.

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