If you have this rare Euro, you are rich: Here’s which one to look for

Everyone has their own passion, for example, lots of rare coins from around the world are sought after, to add to their collection. In fact, pooling is very widespread and with the right currency, you can also earn a lot of money. It is very difficult to find a rare coin in your wallet, because not everyone knows how to identify it. Moreover, the so-called currency depreciates if it is not kept in the right way. Something perfect will definitely be much more valuable than something else that is the same but kept in poor condition. Among the most popular currencies we find this From 1 euro with an owl minted in Greece. In the last period it has become famous ready for its alleged value. Let’s go see what it is.

If you have this rare Euro, you are rich: Here’s which one to look for

The euro in question, as already mentioned, is minted in Greece. On the obverse of the coin, we can see representation of an owl, not an owl, ie there The owl of the goddess Minerva. It has an important meaning because it symbolizes Beauty, love and harmony of knowledge. To the right of it we find the inscription “1 EYPΩ” or monetary value written in Greek. up towards us filmingsongthe flower The symbol of the mint in Athens. Also in Greek, the author’s initials are written “ΓΣ”. Finally, in the golden ring at the bottom, or where we can see EU stars, there thousandth of a mint.

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The value of the coin itself is not very high, as it is not rare. It is clear, however, that there are those who are more valuable. For example, 2015, which, even if a little, is worth more, in fact worth 15 euros. The most demanded instead, and which have a greater value, are certainly those with some minting errors, such as the absence of a drawing, inscription or symbol.

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