If you have a Galaxy Z Fold 3, don’t even think about unlocking the bootloader (photo)

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Like all devices made by Samsung In recent years, even the new Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 It is not suitable for fans filler: The Korean manufacturer is actually trying to make it as difficult as possible to unlock the bootloader and get root permissions, but with foldable devices (more precisely with the Z Fold 3) big gold.

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security suite Knox In fact, Samsung is able to Detect when your bootloader has been unlocked: this process voids device warranty and renders Samsung Pay unusable. In the visible part, it was discovered that after unlocking the bootloader, the files practically stop working cameras for the device and all related functions.

In fact, the camera app will no longer open e You won’t be able to unlock your smartphone with your face. This is a limit on the part of the program, since Re-locking the bootloader there will be no more problems. The same fate should befall the Z Flip 3, but there are currently no confirmations.

via: XDA Developers

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