If you have 800 silver you are very rich: that’s what it’s worth

L ‘silver It is one of the major precious metals, known and known even in the collective imagination. With other forms of chemical elements such as gold, it constitutes a limited group of officially accepted ubiquitous resources in the economic sphere that can boast important conceptual power. In fact, silver has been valued for thousands of years for its practically unique properties, such as a lustrous appearance, and an important resistance to chemical and atmospheric factors, to which a certain ductility must be added during the processing stage.

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The role of silver was also strongly symbolic, and it was also associated with very ancient cults and rituals (in general, the metal is still associated today in occult contexts and it is no coincidence that the symbol associated with it is the symbol of the moon). Compared to a few centuries ago, silver has suffered a significant loss in its economic value, and despite its large presence in economies (it continues to be today) safe haven for all intents and purposes) Almost all of the silver produced each year is for non-financial/economic uses, as well as for practical uses.

It is indispensable for various sectors, such as photovoltaic, due to its high reflective strength, increased by polishing, but it is also highly regarded in electronics for its large conductive strength. It is also heavily exploited in medicine and in many very specific industries, even if the same purity is not used in every form of processing, as is readily understood.

If you have 800 silver you are very rich: that’s what it’s worth

An example is 800 silver, which is made up of 80% pure silver and 20% copper. Silver of this type is usually used for things like large silverware but also electronic media. Even silver 800, which can be identified with “800” is present in an oval on each specimen (if there are instead the words “ARG” and “silver” plated, it means that the silver is only plated and therefore has no economic value) is absolutely Salable as a precious metal, its value is currently estimated at around €440-465 per kilo.

800 silver

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