If you forget something about the fire and go out, this device saves your life: you no longer risk setting the house on fire

Smoke Alarm Device
The dangers of the forgotten fate on the Fire of the Evod (Source Pexels)

Useful for distracted people who forget the pot on the fire, today there is a life-saving and home-saving device.

It can happen that everyone gets distracted while cooking and Burn food on fire. The intercom rings, it’s the mailman or the postman, you get off and get lost in the chatter, completely forgetting that you left the gas on.

Or you get a phone call, go from the kitchen to another room, and it slips into your mind that the pans are working and you remember when they arrived. The smell of burning. But it’s too late now.

And that’s when it suits you. Think about how many times you’ve been out and then ask yourself “Did you turn off the gas?”. Painful doubt torments you and makes you run home examine, Hoping to arrive in time and imagine, if a long time has passed, apocalyptic scenarios.

Because in fact, leaving the pot unattended on the fire can be very dangerous. The contents burn, the handles melt, and depending on the materials can catch fire, causing a terrible fire that can destroy a home.

The device that saves your life

However, technology continues and advances in great strides, and it is clear that we are trying to apply it to things that are commonly used or that can help brighten our daily lives anyway. And there can’t be one device It would save people who are distracted in the kitchen by themselves. Let’s talk about smoke detectors, today tasty.

But what are smoke detectors? They are small tablets placed under the ceiling and are used to detect any fires and warn through the alarm system. Today there are several types, for example detectors temperatures and heat, who warn when home grades get too high. or those flame, which are sensitive to radiation, or specifically those sensitive to particles produced in a phase combustion.

Smart smoke detectors
ifood smoke detector (source Pixabay)

smart smoke detector

the Modern smoke detectors They could just be tasty. what does that mean? If you leave the pot on the stove and it catches fire, it burns and produces smoke. The appliance is above all Siren activation So loud that it can also be heard outside, by any neighbours.

But it also warns you with a message on the smartphone, so you can sound the alarm even if you are away from home and act as quickly as possible, calling the emergency services and turning off the siren. It connects to wifi and connects even when the batteries are low. An almost indispensable item.

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