If you find 10 lira per ear, you are rich and filthy: this is the value

The saga of the lira, the “currency par excellence” used in our country about two centuries ago, became “a part of the past” exactly two decades ago: in 2002, in fact, the handover between the ancient currency and the currency of society. Indeed, as of March 1, 2002, the coins and banknotes that have occupied the “pockets” of Italians for decades have become collectors’ items. Even the ten lira, which is one of the easiest issues to recognize, has not lost the “historical” charm of other issues, in fact, if we find the right thing, we can look forward to an interesting profit.

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This is the last issue in the chronological order of this monetary form, which was minted from the 1950s (specifically 1951) to the year 2000, and thus for about 50 years. It found a massive spread at least until the mid-1980s when increasingly important levels of inflation made the ten-lira formula “negligible”. In nearly half a century just under two billion of these coins were minted, and they were entirely developed in Italma. Aluminum alloy. Can such a wide spread bring any gains?

If you find 10 lira per ear, you are rich and filthy: this is the value

The answer is yes, if you can find the right coin: even the 10 lira are not all the same, there are more rare versions than others: in general the most interesting are those developed in the early years, especially the most interesting 1954 year: The value of a perfectly preserved 10 lira can reach more than 100 euros. It is good to beware of counterfeiting, remember for example that in 1956 the production of these coins was discontinued and only restarted in 1965.

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It is also interesting that the 10 lira from 1991 which, due to a minting error, has a reverse side, that is, where the plow was filmed. The value of these versions ranges from 20 to 170 euros.

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