If you exceed this limit you risk greatly. “to caution”

A bank account is not a simple and advanced ‘tool’ to ‘set aside finances’ but something more deeply rooted and ‘deep’, which is much more widespread than it was many years ago. This trend manifested itself mainly for two reasons, the increasingly continuous presence of multimedia technology, such as smart phones And computers, and the recent will of governments to “convert” with an increasing frequency to electronic money.

Offers related to the opening of current accounts are actually several, and the simplicity at the management stage has also increased. But what are the limits? Like any other form of similar instrument, checking accounts are also subject to the controls of the Revenue Agency, more specifically, by the UIF, that is, the body responsible for searching for transactions that may indicate money laundering activities. During the withdrawal phase, there are no real problems, since for most account holders it is still difficult to exceed the cash-related limit: it is a threshold calculated per month at the equivalent of 10 thousand euros, which leads to anti-money laundering controls only. If exceeded.

Bank account: If you exceed this limit, you risk significantly. “to caution”

However, some small precautions related to the context of credit transfers are necessary: ​​if transfers within the SEPA remain “under control” without particular problems (in fact there are no limits associated with the amounts that can be “transferred” through wire transfers), it is necessary to try Highlight any type of incoming bank transfer, especially if it exceeds 15 thousand euros, if it was made from non-European countries, and therefore outside the aforementioned SEBA zone.If this does not happen, the credit institutions themselves recognize the amount that can be considered suspicious: there is also Very high fines up to freezing on the account, if it was not possible to prove the source of these amounts.

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