If you do it with a POS, be warned: here’s why

Points of sale are now considered normal and everyday life and they are present in all stores that provide the selling service. For some time now, this device has been mandatory everywhere, since every customer must have the possibility to choose to pay.

A point of sale is a device that is connected to a network and allows interaction between the buyer and the store owner. Obviously, not everyone agrees to use points of sale, but it undoubtedly brings advantages in the financial field and above all in the security of payment, which, being electronic, can be traced compared to the traditional payment in cash.

If you do it with a POS, be warned: here’s why

There are different types of this device, and with the passage of time, like everything else, it has evolved to become more and more technical and sophisticated. The best known version is the fixed or meterless version, but a more comfortable and modern alternative is the one with a contactless system via NFC. This point of sale is wireless and does not require inserting the card inside the device, but simply put it on top and the process will be done, without the need to enter the PIN, for an amount that does not exceed a certain limit.
Precisely for this reason, special care must be taken when paying in this way. This is because the shopkeeper can write the amount wrong and when you put the card right in, you will pay a different amount, possibly higher than what is owed.

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Also, be aware of the countless scams that occur with contactless POS, since in crowded places, a thief can approach the device and initiate the transaction without anyone noticing. This is because, as we said before, for a certain threshold, no PIN is required to activate the transaction. So it is better to be very careful when you are in crowded places.

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