If you do exercise, these foods cannot be missing from your diet

Those who play sports know this well. To have a muscular and healthy body, you need not only training, but also a healthy diet. And if you do exercise, these foods cannot be omitted from the diet, as they are rich in fiber, proteins, good fats, vitamins and carbohydrates.

Every physical exercise has its ultimate goal. There is one who is created to lose weight, or who is created to increase muscle mass, or the heart. Nutrition is important in each of these exercises. If you want to lose weight, you will need to eat healthy things, and if you want to gain muscle mass then it is important to nourish the muscles to grow. So there is always food at the base of everything, and if you exercise these foods cannot be missing from the diet.

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In the first place in the list of foods to eat there is definitely fish: tuna or salmon. Both are lean foods, but they are rich in protein, vitamins, minerals, and omega-3. Fish should be consumed even if you don’t exercise, as it is a really basic food. For example, salmon can be paired with broccoli, which is another staple food for those who exercise. In fact, broccoli is rich in fiber. Vitamin CIron and calcium. And we can say that dinner is over.

But let’s see the other foods. Meat can be eaten instead of fish. This is full of amino acids that muscles need, and rich in zinc and iron. Another food that contains the amino acid is eggs, which are very important for muscles.

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It is also important to eat oats, which increase the body’s energy, or quinoa, which is rich in fiber, protein and B vitamins, but almonds are also packed with protein and vitamin E. Finally, it is important to drink plenty, but not just water. In fact, a big yes to herbal and green tea.


An easy and delicious side dish with cauliflower.

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