If you care about the health of your body, do not eat snow!

Eating ice is an excellent stress reliever and at the same time effectively suppresses hunger, yet it exposes our bodies to incredible risks. here because.

It is a very common practice among those who are on a diet and who especially suffer from heat eat ice. We refer to a kind of habit that is acquired over time and that allows you to deal in a certain way with two types of problems: excessive hunger for those who follow a diet aimed at losing weight, and the need to eat something cold during a certain period. sultry days.

Eating snow is bad - RicettaSprint
Eating snow is bad – RicettaSprint

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However, the habit of eating ice can be harmful to our body, and also affect our health in the long run.

Eating ice is bad for our health

In this view, science appears to be divided into two parts, given this Eating ice greatly helps those who are on a diet Aiming to lose weight or simply follow an ice diet, create it Brian Winner. It is a diet that includes during the day the consumption of several ice pups capable of consuming about 160 ice per day.

However, it is different from what was imagined eat ice It has no positive effects on health and the body. Snow has a very sensitive complication, which together has problems related to the stomach and digestive system and in particular it rages against the teeth causing injury to the enamel and greater sensitivity of the teeth with a lot of predisposition to caries.

Eating snow is bad - RicettaSprint
Eating snow is bad – RicettaSprint

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If you eat snow, you suffer from a disease that should not be underestimated

eat ice Basically related to a person’s needs Confront him wherever possible Stress, who prefer frozen, hard water capable of giving the same feeling of satisfaction that comes from consuming sweets or something else, rather than eating relentlessly. In addition, ice provides a sense of satiety but what has been said certainly does not have a positive side to the body as we had the opportunity to clarify earlier.

According to various scientific studies, eating ice and Mirror reflection of the pathology named pagophagy Or the need to constantly eat snow. In the event that you cannot do without eating ice from your daily newspaper in any way, the advice given is not to chew the cube, but to let it melt a little in the mouth and this will ensure that the structure of our teeth is not bearing..

Eating snow is bad - RicettaSprint
Eating snow is bad – RicettaSprint

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