If we have this unwanted guest in our plants, we should definitely act in time

Plants, especially ornamental plants, can be attacked, and the spread of annoying little animals that can harm the health of the plant in the long term.

To avoid this they can all develop the same problem from day to day, it will be necessary to act in time to confront this unwanted guest to better take care of our plants.

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What happens if timely action is not taken to protect the health of our green space

This parasite is very small, from 1 to 3 mm and has an intense yellow color with a difference compared to other aphids, the latter having two black tips on both sides of the back. It is about Yellow lice Which feeds on plant sap, which can cause it to die in the long run.

They are also called From lindenFond of ornamental plants like Mandevilla And they multiply by the thousands in a jiffy. But with proper disinfection, damage can be prevented, before it becomes irreparable.

Be sure to notice the problem in time, and periodically check the health of the plants, both in the garden and on the balcony. Colonies are formed on each small bud near Flowers And under the leaves.

Yellow lice feed on the sap by creating a kind of hole. This process weakens the plant and exposes it to many dangers. In addition, the plant struggles to grow and suffer, as well as leaf decay that will wither.

If we have this unwanted guest in our plants, we should definitely act in time

One possible solution, if the infestation is limited, is to manually remove the insects and carefully clean the leaves withWater. In addition, the affected parts must be specially trimmed to remove much of the problem.

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After doing that, you will be able to prepare a natural remedy for Nettle plantAnd the garlicAnd the pink e tobacco Sprinkle everything on the leaves and stem of the plant.

I also’Neem oil It is very helpful in eliminating insects in a completely natural way. The latter can be sprayed on plants to counter yellow lice and prevent their appearance.

The Marseille soap It is one of the remedies that is used quite often, in the form of flakes or a liquid in a little water and evaporated on the plant. This treatment is very invasive if not done carefully, as the plant may experience too much soap and dry out.

Another very effective natural remedy obtained from flowers Pyrethrum It would be possible to find this natural insecticide in any nursery.

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