If we are tired of the usual flowers, it’s time to plant these plants suitable for small spaces

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a garden or terrace where they can create a green space or vegetable garden. Our passion for plants is often expressed only in small areas of the home. Therefore, if we are tired of the usual flowers, it’s time to plant these plants suitable for small spaces.

Precisely for this reason, we at ProiezionidiBorsa want to talk about three plants in particular, which grow in small pots but also give abundant flowers: viola, primrose and primrose. Kalanchoe.

If we are tired of the usual flowers, it’s time to plant these plants suitable for small spaces

Violet is an annual herbaceous plant that produces gorgeous flowers at the end of winter. Its bright green leaves are oval in shape. The flowers, which are showy or fuzzy in color, have a very delicate appearance but are strong and resistant.

Viola can be grown in small pots that are ideal for landscaping gardens, balconies and corners of the house. The plant needs suitable soil mixed with field soil. It is important to create a drainage layer at the bottom of the pot made of pebbles or expanded clay. Violets need light and regular watering to grow in good health and well-being. But be careful not to wet the floor too much.

The second plant we suggest is primrose. The flower blooms between winter and spring. Ideal for growing indoors no more than 10cm high. A plant that does not require special care. Needs light but hates direct contact with sunlight, likes well ventilated places but does not like drafts. Let’s repot the primrose plant during the fall and every two years, using well-drained, well-drained soil.

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Let’s not forget this

Kalanchoe is a small perennial plant with fleshy leaves with serrated edges and a light green color. The flowers are small and very colorful. A typical houseplant that easily adapts to any type of environment and gives very long blooms.

Kalanchoe needs sunlight, but to prevent the leaves from burning, let’s expose them only for a few hours a day. Rustic and resistant plant that does not require special care. Prefers suitable soil for cacti and requires little watering.


Few people know that this simple attention is enough to protect roses from the first cold

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