If the taxpayer calls, the taxpayer must respond: New checks are in progress

The Inland Revenue will tighten its grip on taxpayers in order to identify as many tax evaders as possible. If the call comes, you won’t be able to say no.

Questionnaires and requests for documents, these are the new moves by tax authorities to track down tax evaders that will affect all citizens.

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Steps forward in the fight against Tax evasion and money laundering. Taxpayers have known for some time that they have the Revenue Agency breathing in their necks. money movements, Current accounts, Payments, tax return, everything is constantly checked by the tax authorities and every slightest doubt will lead to the checks. In the hands of the body, various high-tech weapons such as algorithms capable of detecting inconsistencies and related differences between declared expenses and revenues. After the anomalies are detected, verification processes will begin which will become more stringent with questionnaires and authentication requests. The simplification decree has, in fact, paved the way for the Revenue Agency to verify the operations of the taxpayer and to improve the information already obtained in previous years. This means the ability to Income case reconstruction From each citizen to identify any crimes.

The IRS takes the fight against tax evasion to a higher level

After finding anomalies after comparisons of data and information contained in different databases, Checks will start for taxpayers. The Internal Revenue Service will send out questionnaires to be filled out to allow the user to do so Clarify your position and justify their actions. Thus, proceeding with the assembly process is an advantage for the citizen. He will be able to convince the agency of the correctness of his actions in such a way that the verifications are completed as quickly as possible.

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In addition, tax authorities may request Submit additional documents who justifies the movement or certifies the payment of a tax in dispute. In order not to risk serious consequences, the citizen must comply with the requirements of the authority and proceed to redirection in a short time.

The revenue agency also has its obligations to respect

The novelty of the simplification decree amendment states that the tax authority is obligated not only to notify the start of investigations but also That the end of the checks. Prior to making this obligation, in fact, the taxpayer was aware of the initiation of the checks but not their duration. Now you can get both information through APP IO or through an approved email.

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