If pimples appear in these areas of the face, they want to tell us something about our state of health

Oily skins often have eternal and frightening enemies: pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads. These are considered defects, but in other cultures, they are a symptom of internal discomfort in our bodies. Today we explain this interesting theory that if pimples appear in these areas of the face, it wants to tell us something about our health.

Chinese medicine

Eastern medicine, especially Chinese medicine, unlike our medicine, has a holistic approach. This means that it takes into account all aspects of the topic, without neglecting the spiritual and psychological dimension.

In fact, the body, in this case, is not considered to be a group of organs, but rather a small universe in its own right, self-regulating with its laws. All the pieces are closely related to each other. This is also the case with Comedone Boils, a rash that actually indicates an internal disorder should be taken seriously.


If pimples appear in these areas of the face, they want to tell us something about our state of health. Here is the correspondence that, according to this Chinese medical doctrine, exists between parts of the face and within our bodies.

  • The appearance of pustules on the temples indicates a tired bladder.
  • On the other hand, their presence on the chin indicates possible problems with the reproductive organs and possible hormonal imbalances;
  • The areas under the eyes highlight problems related to the kidneys.
  • The nose, on the other hand, corresponds to the pancreas.
  • The forehead is in the intestinal area.
  • The cheeks are connected to the respiratory system.
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Today we revealed interesting details about oriental medicine. If you are interested in these ideas and in general if you love taking care of your skin with adequate skin care, we recommend reading the following article:An easy-to-prepare face mask to combat the oily sensation of oily and combination skin“.

(We remind you to carefully read the warnings for this article, which they can refer Who is the”)

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