“If football didn’t exist, someone would have worked at McDonald’s…”

Boxing Day in the Premier League, Jordan attacks Klopp and Guardiola: “If football didn’t exist someone would have worked at McDonald’s…”

Pep Guardiola – photo CC BY-SA 3.0

Among the many controversies sweeping football these days, there are certainly those related to boxing day in a premier league, This year has never been questioned before. With the pandemic spreading in the UK, three matches have already been postponed. He talked a lot about this issue, including Guardiola e club who suggested stopping the tournament. Of this course was not happy Simon Jordan, the former president of the Crystal Palace who, to microphones TalkSPORT, He commented: “Maybe it takes a bit to let someone know how lucky they are, because if it wasn’t for football, someone would have worked at McDonald’s. Fans like this tradition. Did Klopp forget his place? What makes you work is exactly the demand; If not, neither he nor his colleagues would be earning tens of millions of pounds annually.”

And here is the German attack on the Spaniards:Pep can win, but I doubt he can win without a checkbook. Enough, play that damn game! Most players I know want to do that.”

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