If a mosquito bites you, do these things so you don’t get itchy

If you are bitten by mosquitoes, the itching will usually pass unaided after a short time but in some cases the irritation can escalate. Some people are more sensitive than others to mosquito bites. In some cases, red, itchy bumps may appear a few minutes or even several hours after the mosquito makes its mark through its bite.

These bumps are generally not harmful, but they can be very annoying. The bites cause an allergic reaction to the proteins in the mosquito’s saliva, which leads to skin infections that are not only ugly in appearance, but also very unpleasant and persistent over time.

As a result of itching, after a mosquito bite, there are several ways to treat the symptoms depending on their severity. If the itching is very mild, natural creams and gels can be used to reduce symptoms. If the itching is severe, or if the sting is red and painful, you should see your doctor, who may prescribe antibiotics. But if the itching is very severe, you can also try taking an antihistamine.

When outdoors in the presence of mosquitoes, it is recommended to wear long sleeves, pants, and use insect repellent. Also, if we know that mosquitoes in our area spread certain diseases (such as Western and Korean Nile mosquitoes), it is especially important to take steps to avoid being bitten.

Mosquito bites: why do you feel itchy?

Mosquito bites cause itching because they contain proteins from mosquito saliva. When a mosquito bites us, it leaves a red bump, an area that quickly turns into an itchy red tick. The bump occurs as a result of the immune system’s response to mosquito saliva proteins injected into the skin, such as when a mosquito bites us.

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Mosquito saliva contains proteins that can trigger an immune reaction that causes itching and inflammation. The protein can cause an allergic reaction. Normally the immune system responds to infection by producing antibodies. Some people are allergic to these proteins and develop an allergic reaction similar to peanut allergy or other allergies.

Tips to relieve itching

A bath or a cold compress can help reduce itching and redness caused by a mosquito bite. Immediately after this, it is useful to apply hydrocortisone creams and ointments or calamine lotion, which will help reduce itching caused by a mosquito bite. An effective natural lotion comes from aloe vera gel, which is able to reduce the sensation of itching. But as a medicine, you can take antihistamines or anti-inflammatories that are able to reduce itching and swelling in a short time. But the balm works, too.

But what we must avoid at all costs is constantly scratching. In this case, we risk expanding the radius of dermatitis. From a small bump we can get exaggerated inflammation that is difficult to empty. It is best to protect the part with gauze and spread a shrink cream or lotion.

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