If a cat bites and scratches us for no reason, then she may have this problem

Cats are special, unpredictable animals that do not skimp on showing affection and unconditional love for us. However, it can happen that our cats attack us for no apparent reason, which causes us to be anxious. In fact, the cause is there and so it is helpful to understand what it is. Therefore, we explain why if a cat bites and scratches us for no reason, she may have this problem.

Puppy cats or adult cats?

Just like with children, kittens can be unaware of their limitations and prove it. So they may have a hard time knowing how to contact us without harming us. Therefore, reprimanding or punishing them will not help them because as they grow up they will understand their own limits. On the other hand, if an adult cat is aggressive for no reason and suddenly becomes an adult cat, this could be a symptom of discomfort. In fact, if a cat bites and scratches us for no reason, it may have this problem.

Stress or anxiety

If the cat in question is an adult cat, this behavior can mask the discomfort. If our cat is aggressive and does not trust every of our approaches, it may be due to the fact that the cat is going through a certain period. Stress Or psychological distress. The causes can be multiple: a traumatic event such as an attack by another animal, or an event that might upset its emotional balance such as a movement or a long journey. This way of communicating with us by attacking us is an attempt to try to gain our attention and make us understand that something is wrong.

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Once the problem is identified, it is a good idea to help our cats overcome this moment of discomfort by trying to understand it without punishing them. Moreover, we must learn to respect his spaces and ensure for him an environment in which he can live peacefully and where there are games and things that he can use to give vent to the soul.


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