“Identify it immediately to prevent it from expanding”

Herpes, herpes and salmonella. These are some of virusand infections or bacteria that can infect during vacation the summer. One of the most notable is the “mushroom” Sea“: White spots on the skin spoil the tan, but above all it can stretch. Dermatologist Giovanni BellacaniUmberto I di ., Director of the Dermatology Clinic Rome and generalized on Dermadoc (Channel tik tok where doctors report skin conditions), and explain symptoms, treatment, and prevention.

West Nile and Usutu virus, on alert in Sardinia: Here’s ASL’s advice from Oristano to protect yourself

What is a sea mushroom?

It is a dinner that usually lives on our skin. It is not a bacteria, but a fungus, although it is always part of the parasites. As in animals, the difference between elephants and flies. It is especially noted in the summer, because this fungus produces discoloration of the skin. Spots that are lighter.

How do they get to know each other?

Lighter, not entirely white patches on the skin. that form the side of the geographic map. It is not itchy or mild. Very few symptoms. And it does not contain erythema, so no redness. But it tends to slowly expand.

Usutu virus, on alert in Sardinia: Here’s ASL’s advice from Oristano to protect yourself

How are they treated?

It is easily treatable, but you need to be sure of the diagnosis. Because it tends to come back. There are foams, creams, shampoos, and other products that contain an antifungal. what’s he doing? eradication of fungi; But you have to use it for 4 weeks. It should also be used on the back of the neck, because it stays there. When using the product, it should be left on for at least 10 minutes.

How can you prevent them?

It usually occurs in the spring. If one tends to have it, they can use anti-fungal products, twice a week, in April, May and June. To prevent the return of the fungus.

What other types of infections can infect us at sea?

Small skin infections, such as the so-called herpes. Small skin infections that occur when one has small cuts on the skin or scratches. Spots, more red scales are formed, yellow-brown. Often, on the smaller ones, around the cavities (such as the nose) and then spreading. They must be treated with an antibiotic, as they are a germ.


It is the most common virus. The first exposure to the sun generates a local immunosuppressant on the skin and, accordingly, the person exposed to it manifests itself: usually on the lip.

How is it treated?

Oral antivirals.

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Sunscreens contain zinc, as it protects against the re-emergence of weeds. It is recommended to buy children’s sunscreens at the pharmacy.

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