“I’d love to go back to fighting with people like Bryan Danielson.”

Nigel McGuinness officially everyone elite wrestling He made his first appearance on the commentary table before ROH extension supercards to honor. After he arrived in AEW, some fans immediately thought he might come back to fight one day. Many would like to see another fight between Nigel McGuinness and Brian Danielson At the company’s first event Tony Khan In the kingdom united: AEW extension All in at Wembley Stadium. In a recent interviewAt the prospect of appearing at the event, Nigel McGuinness quipped.

Nigel McGuinness and the Fighting Back Hypothesis

When asked by Stephanie Chase about his returning opponent in the wrestling world, Nigel McGuinness replied: “Obviously if he’s going to come back to fight, I’d like to do it with someone like Bryan Danielson given our antecedents and precedents. I think the best wrestling stories are always somewhat true.”

While the two were working for WWE, Bryan Danielson (then known as Daniel Brian) In a documentary film produced by the union about McGuinness’s career, his former rival also paid tribute to the latter. Nigel McGuinness spent a great deal of time in ROH extension And great fame thanks to his legendary feuds with Danielson. He also worked for impact wrestling And for several independent federations. However, after numerous injuries, McGuinness was forced to to retreat from a race On the bell in 2011 and has since become a full-time wrestling commentator.

After hanging in ROH for several years, signed with WWE in 2016 fulfilled his childhood dream of being the biggest wrestling promotion in the world. He commented on many performances during his tenure with the company: NXT extensionAnd NXT extension United kingdomAnd 205 live f Main It happened. It was later released by the sports entertainment giant in 2022, ending its relationship with the McMahons.

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