Iceland’s elections, the new parliament will have a women’s majority: this is the first time this has happened in Europe

new parliamentIceland it will be The majority of females. This is a historic achievement not only for the island but also for the islandEurope: It’s actually the first time this has happened. The vote He also confirmed yesterday the current majority of the coalition Right-left green subordinate Prime Minister Catherine Jacobsdottir.

The 54% of parliament members – With the suffrage coming to an end – they are women. According to World Bank data, no other country in Europe has exceeded or reached 50% of the presence of women in rooms before. So far the priority has been to Sweden with 47%Against all odds, the Green Alliance, the Progressive Party and the right-wing Istiqlal Party have grown: they have achieved 37 seats out of 63, my respect to 33 from the last chapter. The balance within the coalition has changed: the Conservatives have received more votes, with a group Bjarne Benedictson, who went further 13 seats.

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