Ice Hockey Italy strongly outplays Lithuania and stays on track for promotion to the World Cup

It arrives, albeit with some misgivings, there A third victory for Italy in the 2023 World Championships, Division OneIce hockey is being reviewed in the United Kingdom, specifically in Nottingham. After a bad defeat against Bologna players Mike Keenan They got back on track brilliantlyseeding Lithuania with a score of 6-4 and placing themselves in second place in the standings, essential in terms of promotion.

match Hard party for the blues which, after only 45 seconds, They were forced to continuethanks to the Lithuanian advantage that Gintautas put on the score sheet, is able to find press in The winner of the counterattack after diagonal Kalinikovas. But our boys are not separated, The score was tied at 9:35 thanks to Zanetti Who, face to face with Carla, He fired the ball into the net to put the finishing touches on a positive recovery behind the goal By Frigo and Maintained.

Italy will put its nose in front at 17:55 From the second recovery, find Seal 2-1 On a sustained movement that culminates in a long-range shot from Zanetti again which, although not very powerful, penetrates the heel of Alisauskas’ boot, deflects the ball towards the net and taunts the opposing goalkeeper. At 13 ‘ Petronero takes care of signing the trio With a fireball crossing the line (goal validated by review) Yet a beautiful triangulation built from a power play situation. Seven minutes after the second siren, there will also be room for Poker dropped by affectionate Also thanks for the chocolate help from Miceli.

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Ice Hockey, Division I World Cup: Italy loses to Poland. The Azzurri won 2-4

there But Lithuania returns to the match after 6 minutes, put the ball into the goal after a chaotic act from behind the goal. The last bars of the second round They are all on the side of our enemies, as evidenced by Grinius’ 3-4 goal in the Power Play signed at 4′. But fortunately, the Azzurri immediately chased away the phantoms, breaking the dangerous break in the last seconds Exploiting Petronero’s accuracy again.

With a 5-3 part of the team The tricolor then goes to +3 at 17:04 of the final chapterBut it received the fourth Lithuanian goal, which Bendisius signed after a minute (16:04). It will be the last point in a match between promotion and relegation for Italy Who, now, in order to achieve promotion, will have to face the decisive match against the hosts of the United Kingdom, expected on the fifth of next May.

Photo: Carola Cimino

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