Ice Freely drops a rumor that he was asked to play with a kiss at a New Year’s Eve party

Ace Frilly dropped a rumor that he was asked to play with KISS at a New Years Eve party

A native Kiss guitar player Ace Freely Drop the rumor that he was asked to rejoin his former teammates on stage at their New Year’s Eve concert in the UAE.

Earlier today, the following statement was posted on Freely‘s The social networking site Facebook Page: “Unlike online data, Ace Freely He was not asked and will not appear with him Kiss At their New Year’s Eve concert in Dubai. Shred Currently located in Nashville, Tennessee is recording his new studio album of all original material. Shred He wishes all his fans a Happy and prosperous New Year! “

Last April, Shred He said he was about to reunite with the original Kiss Assortment, but only if the price is right.

He said, “Everything is wonderful.” SiriusXM‘s “Trunk Nation with Eddie Trunk” On his relationship with Paul Stanley and Jane Simmons. “What’s going to happen will happen. But everything is delayed at this juncture, so who knows? … I’m doing my own thing. Unless they come forward and the price is right, you won’t see me anywhere near.”

after two years Kiss Advertise it “end of the road” Farewell tour, fans frankly wondered if they were original members Freely The drummer Peter Chris He’ll be taking part in the trip, especially given Benn’s apparent goodwill recently Stanley And the Simons And the Freely. ShredLatest album of original materials, “astronaut” – Title suggested by Simons Same – Features two songs the couple wrote together, and the duo completed a joint tour in Summer 2018 in Australia, and thereafter Freely His supportive singles team fired and hired Simons‘s.

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Two and a half years ago, Freely Tell VintageRock.com This is the “only way” he “seriously thinks” of participating “end of the road” It is “If I reclaim my makeup, oil, and personality I would do it.” The current added Kiss guitar player Tommy Thayer He said, “He’s not a bad guitarist, but he’s basically imitating everything I’ve written, and he’s trying to imitate my character. He’s been doing that for 15 years.” “But the truth is, I’m the original guy. And nobody can really copy the way I play the guitar.”

When asked if he was still considering participating in the tour if Criss Did not participate, Shred He said, “I think it’d be cool if run out Was involved. Obviously, at this point in his life, he wouldn’t be able to put on a two-hour show. But I can see if we’ve come to a position where run out He eventually came out and did three or four songs – he sang Beth, Act ‘Black diamond’ And two more, I think that would be fun. “

KissThe current lineup consists of original members Simons And the Stanley, Along with subsequent team additions, Thayer (Since 2002) and drummer Eric Singer (On and off since 1991).

It was formed in the year 1973 before StanleyAnd the SimonsAnd the Criss And the FreelyAnd the Kiss She organized her first “Farewell” tour in 2000, and was the last to feature the group’s original line-up.

Contrary to statements online, Ace Frehley has not been required to attend and will not appear with KISS on New Year’s Eve …

Posted by Ace Freely On Tuesday 29 December 2020

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