# IAC2022, ASI meets NASA, Canada and Australia

Fourth day of the 73rd edition do not you dare. A date to exceed the most positive expectations, based on the crowd experienced by each day, indicative of the increased value assumed by the space sector. Show stand AzerkosmosAzerbaijan Space Agency, which will host the 2023 edition in Baku. Choosing the capital of Azerbaijan corresponds to the selection criteria IAFnext like him to appointments Europeans are one outside Europe, Before back in 2024 On the old continent, this time in Italy, a Milan.

the fourth day from Iac Saw ASI participates in three meetings. first with The Jet Propulsion Laboratory NASA. A future collaboration dedicated to astrophysics missions and Earth observation activities, pending the visit of the new Director of JPL, Laurie Lichen, will be at the heart of the bilateral agreement with the US Agency.

meeting with Canadian Space Agency It was intended, instead, to me nano satellitesTechnical discussions on the topic will be opened to explore possible collaborations between the two agencies. In the endAnd the Assi andaustralia space agency Discuss possible cooperation in the field ofspace explorationgiven that both countries are among the signatories to Agreements of Artemis. The day ended with a visit Luca Parmitano In Asi’s suite. The astronaut participated in an event organized by the European Space Agency along with the 2009 full class Astronauts and the Director General of the European Space Agency, Josef Aschbacher.

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