“I will not accept more deals”

Brandin Cooks traded more than just login credentials to their live streaming service.

The pre-2014 first-round recipient has played for the New Orleans Saints, the New England Patriots, the Los Angeles Rams and the Houston Texans since 2016. The teams have paid a premium for his services, and he has delivered them. However, the 27-year-old will set foot.

“As far as the team is concerned, they can trade me in for initial capital,” Cooks said. “I would warn them not to think twice because frankly I wouldn’t accept any other deals.” “For me, if you want me from your team, you just have to let me walk and choose my destination. For me, I have a newborn son at home and he’s looking for someone who sets the example, so I think I’m starting to stand firm when it comes to my career.”

Chefs made 70 hunts for 984 yards and four landings. Unless he is completely stopped against the Tennessee Titans in Week 17, he will win a fifth receive campaign 1,000 yards in his seven NFL seasons.

Midfielder Deshaun Watson is another elite signal caller with whom the chefs have the luxury to play. However, Houston lacks its picks in the first and second rounds in the 2021 NFL Draft and could be looking to cancel the list for the venture capital. The chef fits the bill since there are no other guarantees in his contract.

“When it comes to playing here and playing with Deshaun, I want to continue this growth but that’s out of my hands,” Cooks said. “These are decisions I’m not making, and I hope the team sees the growth we’ve seen and continues to show that commitment and growth over the years.”

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The Texas team’s casual situation with a new coach and general manager inbound does not cause chefs to worry about.

“For me, as a man who has traded many times in first-round selections and was produced to a high standard, I don’t think so,” said the chef. “I understand that we are in a unique position. For me, immediately is a great player and I would still love to grow with him.”

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