“I will keep masks all my life”

“I will keep the mask all my life, thanks to the mask I had my first winter without a cold.” Massimo Cacciari, guest of Otto e mezzo, answers questions about the premise of removing the obligation to wear a mask outdoors. Prime Minister Mario Draghi is preparing to formally bring the question to the table in the Counter-Terrorism Service. “Obviously, says Kakshiari, keeping a mask alone on the street is madness. Just as it is madness for a person standing in a bar to keep a mask when no one should.”

Draghi, at a press point in the evening, opened the doors to the possibility of receiving a second AstraZeneca dose also for those under their sixties, and a physician’s opinion was essential. “I want to hope he has asked the opinion of those who understand. I don’t know that Draghi is a virologist or an epidemiologist. There was confusion, the Prime Minister says there was confusion. Then he comes and says that the Italians have been good: I’m tired of this rhetoric” , settles Casciari. “But where was the panic? Nowhere, not even in India and Brazil.” Have you been vaccinated, Professor Caccchiari? “This is my job… enough, enough, enough….”

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